“It’s Only Temperdary”

We knew it was too good to be true.  That this incredible stomach virus from hell that everyone seems to be getting would just bypass our house as a courtesy.  “You guys have been through a lot this year, I got you last year.  I’ll call it even for now.” Apparently, they don’t care much for manners.  Our dearest girl woke up at 1 am with the subtle announcement that not all is well.

“PUUUUUUKKKKKEEEE!!!! Puke in my bed! In my hair! PUUUUUUKKKKKKEEEE! I’m puking!!!!!!!”

And she continued to do so, for the remainder of the night.  And this morning.  And just now when I thought we were past it and gave her a mouse-sized graham cracker.  As Rich and I did our “Ellie is sick dance”, i.e. one lays with her to snuggle, the other cleans, throws a load in the washer, sets out another clean pair of jammies for the next deluge and then switch on and off throughout the night, she said in her sick little voice whisper:

“This is only temperdary, right Mama? I’ll be fine before night-night time tomorrow?”

And I marveled at how my little girl grasped a truth that I, myself, a grown woman, seem to forget all the time.

This is temporary.  This hardship, this season, this pain, this circumstance, this winter, this earth and our place on it, is temporary.  And why get upset about the temporary?

As our pastor reminded us yesterday, I am a daughter of the King.  Nothing here, in this world, can break me because He has overcome it.

This is temporary.

So, I’m going to go wash my dirty shirts and clean my kid’s chin off one more time because it’s, “temperdary”.


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