My Non-Resolution

I’m not going to make some grandstanding proclamation about my ambitious new year’s resolution this year.  I hope you’re not too disappointed.  I’m not knocking those who do it- January is as good a time as any to start over, re-dedicate, dedicate the first time to something worthwhile.  I really tried to rack my brain with what I could attempt to pursue in 2015 that would be righteous and good.  I got nothing.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

While trying to encourage myself to choose something virtuous like lose that baby weight I gathered….ahem… three years ago from my child who is no longer anything that resembles a baby who says words like, “dashing” and “enthusiasti-CALLY” or to finish writing that book (stuck on the 49th page for the last three months) I was at a loss with what to do/acquire/climb because I was so overcome with what I HAVE.  What 2014 GAVE to me.

2014 marked the year that I could say that I officially have loved my husband for exactly half of my life.  It would take us quite a few more years to actually to get on the same page about it, but our journey to each other never ceases to stop my heart and assure me that if there was ever, even a mustard-seed sized doubt that God does exist and that He is in fact good, my relationship with my husband is tangible proof.  So many throw around the phrase of how they “would do anything” for someone, flippantly.  He has done and continues to fill that anything for us- his family- with the most selfless, genuine, hardworking love I have ever seen.

My daughter attends a school which we both adore.  Her teachers sent her home handwritten letters in the mail during the break telling of her of how they miss her, and the cute little phrases she’s known for saying.  She plays playdough and house and writes her name in rice and reads for hours and I am not sure how we paid for it but we did and God is good to us to allow her to have a safe, beautiful and fun idea of school.

We have paid off 11,000 in debt during 2014.  Through the goodness of others, through terribly long hours and extra shifts, through over-time schedules and late nights commuting home, our monthly bills are continuing to decrease.  And decrease. And decrease. Amen.

I love my job.  It allows me to provide for my family and be present at home for El.  It’s often much more work than I anticipate to balance the two, but it is so worth it to get to be home with and for my loves.

Beauty is good.  Joy is good.  Laughter is good.  Peace is good.  Letting go is good. God is good.  He really is.  I have made serious advances in the knowing of these truths this year.

I just want to continue along with what 2014 brought me.  More Jesus, more grace.  More joy, more truth.  More victory, more perspective.


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