Sometimes we forget how good we have it and sometimes the goodness overwhelms us.

Sometimes it seems we’ve done nothing but sacrifice and sometimes it seems our path was paved while others were left to forge their own way through the wilderness.

There are times we are resentful of how much we work, how much time is spent outside of our home to make our ends meet and then, there are times of great joy and tears of thankfulness for opportunities of employment while others wait and search.

There have been times this past year where we thought we were hungry but were really just entitled and snobbish, and times when we were actually hungry and grateful that we knew, at least, the hunger will end and there will be a paycheck and a hope.

There were times when our hearts stopped believing in God’s faithfulness so our heads and the litany of promises kept had to sustain us, and there were times when our heads couldn’t make sense of Christ’s character so our hearts had to step in and take over.

There were times we wept and ached for another child and times we stepped back and watched our blonde headed wonder and marvel at how lucky we are to have her.

There were times we threw things at the walls of this house for being an albatross around our necks, tethering us here in it’s depreciation and condition and times we’ve kissed the floor in gratitude for how it has served us- and others.

There have been times we watched each other’s eyes pool with tears of brokenness for a friend and times of rolls of laughter.

There were times we’ve pinched our extra middles in exasperation and grumbled about the growing older, and times when we’ve laughed at the knowledge that it doesn’t make us any less beautiful to each other, and we’re all that really matters, right?

There have been times we’ve built one another up in love and times we’ve teared each other down with words.

There have been times spent on our knees in contrition and in praise.

There are times we saw glimpses of who were nine years ago, and times we saw who we are now and were content with the changing.

It never gets easier, but it always get better.

Happy nine years of marriage, to us.


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