They Grow Up So Fast

Sometimes you slow down just long enough to realize how weird your life is, and how different it looks than just a few years ago.  My feet are caked in subway mud and I just walked in from a late night practice with a band who plays at local bars on the weekends for a few extra bucks and the chance to sing, “People Get Ready”.   

I work in NYC?

I sing in a bar band?

I can hear my husband’s soft voice soothing our three year old’s manic imaginary adventures that seem to steamroll bedtime upstairs as I brew a pot of tea to soothe my 31 year old throat.

I have a three year old?

I am thirty-one?!?!?

I work in NYC.  I sing in a bar band.  I have a three year old.  I am thirty-one. 

I talked to someone today about the possibility of renting our extra bedroom upstairs and said things like, “Extra storage space, parking and utilities included”.

I own a home?

I know what a fixed rate apr means and I own a home.  I all of a sudden realized that it has been a long time since I preferred a beer over a glass of wine- and that I actually know the region from where I like it come from.  

Chocolate is not my go-to indulgence anymore.

I know how to grow vegetables.  In a garden.  With dirt and trellises and trowels and recognize that there is a ph to soil.  

When did I learn how to make a souffle?

Why do I care about GMO’s?


They always tell people who have kids that you better pay attention because they grow up so quickly.  They forget to mention that the same thing happens to you simultaneously. 




3 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Fast

  1. I completely feel ya. I have a 5 year old AND a 3 year old. My wife plays roller derby. I work in the city. I am a student again. Life is weird.

    Can you believe I’ll have been married 10 years in two months?

  2. Totally relate…

    When did I have not I’ve but TWO kids? I’m in school again? I’m 32? I’ve worked the better part of a decade in CORRECTIONS? Married a full decade in July? What the crap?

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