I’m Not Ready to be a Parent

I know.

It’s a little late.

I’ve got a three year old and how she is still alive is a wonder to me only answerable by Jesus.

I get distracted easily.

I need copious amounts of alone time.

I hate throw-up.

When I’m sleep-deprived, I cry and try to microwave inanimate objects, searching for my coffee mug.

My bank account is continually adorned with that maddeningly red exclamation point. As if, by some chance, I was unaware that we had -134.45 dollars.  As if.

I hate playing games of all kinds- board games, outdoor games- I even tried to find excuses to dodge the Easter Egg Hunt.  

It seems, I hate all things fun.

I’m not ready to tackle these growing up years.

I thought infancy was rough.

Now we have to content with matters of the heart.

We’re up against a lot, as parents.

It’s enough to drive you to your knees.

Or to the bottle.

Sometimes, both.

In rapid succession.

I’m not ready.

Thank God I don’t have to do it alone.



2 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready to be a Parent

  1. Know that you are not alone! I think almost every parent feels the same way at some point! It’s in chapter two of “How To Be The Perfect Parent” …. oh, wait …. that book has never been published … hang in there, young mama! ….. itty bitty

  2. I think all of us mommas have these moments. It is hard to break out of our own comfort zones, and balance mommy time with kid time. Hang in there!

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