On Our Table

I have strong feelings about food.  About where it should come from, about who we should support with the money we earn.  About what kind of food does what to our bodies, and how to best choose appropriately for our family.  I believe food has healing properties- I believe God crafted it that way.  I believe a host of ailments can be remedied by modifying one’s diet, that organic is the best choice for the most nutrients.  I believe white flour and white sugar should be avoided at all costs, whenever possible.

I also order pizza every Monday from the local pizza place around the corner because I don’t get home from work until 8:30 at night, and spending a few minutes laughing and hugging and playing play doh with my family takes precedence over my aversion to processed cheese.

I will never, EVER, give up my every few days glass or two of wine- (particularly if it’s a Sancerre) or a piece or two of dark chocolate.  It makes my heart happy, and my heart’s part of my body:)

My daughter, who would never use the word LOVE in conjunction with consuming anything, loves french fries and cupcakes.  So, I let her have them.  Not every day.  But I don’t pull my hair out wondering about the GMO’s floating around in her body.

I do what I am able and what I can afford to best feed my family. That means, 80 percent of the time, I serve whole, nourishing foods brimming with nutrients.  The other 20 percent, you can find us at Goodfellas.  (We also like to support the local economy, you know?:)

So, for the new year, I decided to share with you once a week at least one meal the Shannon’s fall back on weekly.  We rotate mainly the same meals for efficiency purposes, and because once you find something that works for the whole family, it’s hard to deviate.  The meals we choose are usually two-fold- this week’s meal is a maple roasted chicken and sweet potatoes, which I will then use the bones for stock later on this week.  Here it is (courtesy of my friend, Vesper-thanks!):

1-2 large yams or sweet potatoes

4 Chicken thighs and 4 drumsticks

1 large red onion

1/4 cup good evoo

a drizzle of REAL Maple syrup

Salt, pepper, Thyme to taste

Toss together, through in the oven at 400 degrees for 45min to an hour.


Super easy, nourishing, and then you have great bones to through in your crockpot over night with some water and aromatics for stock!  Soup is on the menu later on in the week……


Happy Tuesday!



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