I was reluctant to accept in the beginning.

A position in which I was hidden was not one that I was interested in.

I was made to be up front.  Always.  That was my calling.

There was no glory or honor in back-up.

But I conceded once.

And the rest of the years followed.

Parts of choruses with no name.

The second soprano, alto or contralto harmonies no one else wanted.

The filler.

I became the filler.

I watched how the lead’s hands trembled with the responsibility and I was humbled.

I learned how to watch the lead’s body for when he took his breaths; his mouth to perfectly mimic his phrasing.

I learned to listen to what he said without using words.

I learned how to read full page instructions in his/her eyes.

I learned how to follow seamlessly.

I  learned how to be a good follower.

I learned what a gracious and humble and honorable thing it is to do.

And I stopped to listen.

This was my calling.

To learn how to watch for God’s lead.

Watch his mouth.

Listen to His words unspoken.

Because I fell from glory and begrudgingly accepted a position I deemed unfit for myself, I became a Daughter.

How much more could I be without getting in the way?




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