I’ll Meet Him There Instead

There is so much noise.

The headphones and the podcasts and the buzz of the game in the background.

The ipad and the Jake and the Neverland Pirates and the grumble of commuters.

The buzzing inside of my head with schedules and calendars and double booking and deadlines and due dates and appointments.

So much noise.

At 2:30 am when a little voice calls, “Mama! Something scary come to get me!” And I go and lay with her little sweaty head. And she rustles the sheets and tosses and turns and cries out in restless sleep.

There is so much noise.

So much noise stomping down the stairs in frustration, in resignation, in the dark before others are awake.

On the morning news already alight with fires and natural disasters and sick babies without milk or clean water.

On the street where kids are fighting on their way to school, losing lunch money to bullies as though it was still 1955.

So much noise my head feels as though it will explode into brightly colored pieces, shattered by the inundation of life.

And then I stop and breathe.

And remember.

Our Father who art in Heaven, 

hallowed be Thy name.

I breathe out.

There is a place where all is quiet and peace and calm.

I’ll meet Him there this morning instead.


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