I know, it’s been a little while.

A few things have happened since I’ve been gone.

I’ve accepted my severe allergy to coupons and have since moved on from feeling guilty about not buying 14 bottles of ketchup just because I can get them each for less than 30 cents.

I’ve lost 9 lbs.

Then, gained 1.

So, I’ve really lost 8 lbs but feel as though the 9 should still be celebrated as a victory because we’ve eradicated approximately 60-70% white flour, sugar and most dairy from our diets and my tummy for the first time in a few years is (silently, for once) thanking me.

Rich and I both felt called on from jobs we held to a new and unknown frontier called, “Ok, what the hell do we do now?”

We had a freaking awesome vacation in New Hampshire full of swimming in clear lakes, eating lobsters, catching fireflies, counting stars, falling asleep in sandy sheets, feeding fish, petting horses, eating again and generally rocking a week of family fun worthy enough of Instagram envy.


I’ve been toying with the options of going back to work or trying to make tutoring into a lucrative enough business to be able to stay home part time.

My kid learned the delicate art of the 2 year old tantrum, complete with head banging, banshee screaming and hair pulling.  Totally makes me want to have another one.

My beautiful sister got engaged to someone we like, which is pretty awesome.

I got to watch a former student make a public declaration about Jesus by watching her baptism, which is pretty much in the top ten experiences to date.

I’ve been stuck reading Luke 12 over and over and over again because I like when he calls me a part of his, “little flock” and the part about it being His pleasure to give me the kingdom and the stuff about selling our stuff and feeding the hungry.  It reminds me what church is and who Jesus is and who his people are and it makes me feel so much better about my place in that.

My kid’s slept some, and stayed awake most others but we found that swimming is the only thing that really gets all of her energy out enough to sleep for 5 hour blocks at time.  THIS IS UNREAL PROGRESS.

So, we’re in the process of selling everything we own to give some to the poor, and saving the rest for a house with a pool.  Or one on the coast.  I’m only a little kidding.  Kind of kidding.  Not really kidding. At all.  5 hour blocks.  It’s enough to sing the Ave Maria.

That’s why I haven’t written.  We’ve been kind of busy leaving old jobs and finding new ones, selling our furniture, taking our kid swimming, eating ice cream, remembering who Jesus is, celebrating engagements and new business ventures, grieving losses, picking up pieces and starting over again.

The summer’s a pretty good time for that.

What have you been doing?



A Pretty Good Time

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