The 30 List

Part of me is disappointed that, staring at the end of my twenties, there are some things about me that have not changed. I could list all of my fears and failures that I have often lied to myself, believing that they define me, but I won’t.  I’ll talk about old journals instead.

When I was younger, I wrote a journal entry about all of the things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30.  I found it the other day.  Here’s a little snippet:

1.  Be married (Check)

2. Finished having all of my children (Possibly, check)

3. Live in a different country ( Some people think living in the valley counts.)

4.  Be on Broadway, finish an album, sing on a decent stage (I think my time may have passed on this one. )

5.  Own a home (Check)

6.   Extensive travel to Europe and Asia ( Not quite, but I did make it to England, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Canada and Jamaica)

7.  Get published ( I don’t think self publishing counts, so this one is still left undone)

8.  Have a Master’s Degree ( working on it)

9.  Speak at least two other languages ( I can say, “How do you say….” in Spanish, French and Portuguese….how am I doing?)

10.  Open a cafe. ( nope.)


All in all, I think I did fairly well, actually.  I do like that my twenties were spent teetering in between dreaming about doing things, and not knowing what I should be doing.  A few months before my thirties, I am not scared by the big change.  I’m stoked to begin a decade knowing exactly who I am and what I was made to do.  The biggest difference of all, is knowing and believing that no matter what, God loves me and will catch me.  


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