“Mama, YOU can’t DO that!”

“Mama- I BOOOOO-tifoooolll!”

“Elmo? Elmo on? Elmo on NOWWWW? On TV? Elmo on TV????? PEEEEAAASSSEE????”

When I am doing something she dislikes:

“Where’s Papa? Grammy? Grandma? Pop? Emmy? Ek? No Mama.”

After blowing her nose:

“Ew. Goss.”

While doing something she’s proud of:

“See me? You see me? I color!”

When asked what her full name is:

“Eh-yee Gace.  Shamon.”

When asked her favorite color:


When trying to get her eat anything other than macaroni and cheese right now:

“Dis no noo-noo’s, Mama.”

When called pretty by a supermarket checker:

“No, I goooooo-geous!”

“Run! Run fast! You can’ get me! Ha ha ha.” (Yes, she actually articulates: Ha, ha, ha.)

Upon entering the Disney store:

“Wow. So boo-tiful. So many pincesses. I want it. Ok, Mama?”

Calls blueberries, “Bloopies”.

I love my crazy girl.


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