Nor’easter, Smor’easter

Ok.  So, our lights just went for about 30 minutes and it hasn’t even really started snowing yet.  I am more than thankful for the crazy dude who lived in this house before us who wired it to maintain heat and hot water even when the power goes out.  He was a bit of a Nervous Nelly- and I am soooo glad for his neurosis at the moment.  

When the whole house went dark as my kid napped on my chest (which is the only place she seems to sleep these days) I was soooooo bummed.  Because we just got it back.  Because I hate the dark. And because I bought expensive ingredients for the best chocolate chip cookies EVER to make in the snow storm.  Which made me think of how people eat like garbage during a crisis.  Which made me assess the tightness of my pants.  Which in turn, made the prospect of not making those cookies less harrowing- but I still hate the dark. 

And still- if you are in our area, particularly in the shore area, our door is open to you.  We are warm and dry, and have hot water.  And a black lager that’s not too bad, either.  My husband makes sure we’re always taken care of in a storm.


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