If I had written this post an hour ago, it would have read something like this:

My kid decided to wake up every hour, on the hour last night. I’ve stopped trying to figure out what keeps waking her and have come to the startling conclusion that she is slowly, attempting to torture and kill me. I wish I was joking.  I will now have to monitor my phone calls and emails closely (as I am convinced she can read) and shred every piece of mail with my personal information.  I cannot let her see me yawn as she will hone in on the first sign of weakness.  Like a cougar.  I cannot allow my eyes to close…..I cannot close my eyes…..I cannot close…….


That was an hour ago.  I’m always a little dramatic before I’ve had a first cup of coffee. Or three.  However, it was how I felt which I thought was best to share, as we’ve made this forum all about the honesty.




2 thoughts on “Censored

  1. Oh Jenny. If I didn’t already know that people are barking advice or offering gentle solutions, I might myself suggest that you let her accidentally get into the liquor cabinet, but maybe it would be more helpful if you got in yourself. If we lived closer, I would come over, bring something yummy, and let you fall asleep mid-conversation without feeling bad about it while I occupy your girl. I actually do have a friend in New Mexico who used a natural supplement with her kid who would not sleep and it worked, but she had a good homeopath that worked with her. It was also NM, she’s a bit of an awesome hippie woman. I don’t want to pile on the suggestions but when torture gets mentioned, I’m compelled to respond with what I can that isn’t “Some day this will end” or “Why don’tcha just get yourself some earplugs?” I hope blogging helps. It was great for me. Love ya.

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