The day after a big BBQ at your house, when the dishes are still piled high in your sink, there are still remnants of hamburger buns lingering in your garbage can, and the toys all the kids dragged out onto your front porch are still settled in a pile-on, there’s only one way to go about things.

You must, blow raspberries on your giggly baby’s belly while she gets egg all over your couch.

You then, have to dress her in the most awesomely-girlie outfit she owns and bring her out to play all morning long.  And buy her finger-paints so she can express her inner artist all over everything you own.

And then, you have to proceed to buy her the most sugary, carbo-loaded cheese danish you can find and let her eat it in the car on the way home.  And watch in the mirror as she falls asleep with one, cheesy hand wrapped around her stuffed cat.

After that, you must return home to have lunch by yourself on the couch, in the midst of all of the toys and clutter, and watch Dawson’s Creek on Netflix while planning the afternoon art project.

Sometimes, the things that are most sensible, are the exact things you shouldn’t do.


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