E & Co

I’ve talked a lot about my little sister.  That’s because, well, she’s my little sister.  And she’s awesome.  A little too awesome, in fact, so I need to use her awesomeness to rub off on anything I’m doing.  So, you see, this post is technically selfish in nature.  Knowing how people will watch/read what Em’s doing and recognize her massive awesome potential, I am hoping some of that may spill over into how they view me and this little, old blog too.  Win-win.

In order to read up on what Em’s awesome plan is the raise awareness of the perilous nature of street vending in India and how you can help, check out her tumblr.

After you’ve read up on what she’s all about, you’ll want to visit her launch site.

Then, you’ll be so impressed you’ll want to stay updated with what she’s up to right here.

Finally, you will be so moved by her passion, her ingenuity and her drive that you’ll be begging me to tell you how you can help.  I’m one step ahead of you.  


So proud of you, E.J.!


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