Turd Scones

——Parental Bathroom Talk Disclaimer——

I would like to share with you this morning’s conversation with my family.

A Little Background, if you please:

My daughter, who will only willingly eat macaroni and cheese, blueberry yogurt and grilled cheese has had a terrible constipation problem.  Wonder why.  She, at the moment of this interaction, had pooped for the first time in three days.

My husband, coming down the stairs after his shower ready for a cup of coffee, inquires what I’m doing at 6:13 in the morning, covered in flour, mixing batter in the middle of the kitchen while Ellie watches Disney’s morning shows.

“Ellie pooped!” I exclaimed gleefully.

“That’s great!,” he says, without a hint of sarcasm, as he understands how traumatic this bought of constipation has been on her tummy and my nerves, “Why are you baking at 6 a.m.?”

“I was so happy for her I thought we would celebrate by making chocolate chip scones!”

Rich giggles.


“You’re celebrating the fact that she pooped by making her scones with little turds? Turd scones? Hahahahahahahaha. That’s awesome.”

Hope this brightens your Thursday!





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