My Day

Wake up at 4:47a.m. to the sweet sound of my baby still sleeping.  I roll over and go back to bed.

Wake up at 5:43 to the terrible sound of my baby not wanting to sleep any longer, which means I won’t either.  Awesome.

6:36- work from home, since I’m up and my husband volunteered to get smeared with Ellie’s breakfast while I edited.

7:53- prep work for meeting at 9 a.m.  Husband puts baby back down because she’s so exhausted from refusing to eat anything for breakfast and watching Sid the Science Kid.

8:02- finish prep and sending emails, finish several pages that needed editing, jump in shower.  I have to look like I at least slept a little.

8:30 Grammy arrives to babysit while husband and I go to meeting.

10:56- Get home from meeting half hour later than expected, but one should always expect that about meetings.

12:30- throw baby in car to go food shopping since there is nothing to feed her for lunch.  Not that she’d eat it anway.

1:03- baby falls asleep as soon as we pull into Trader Joe’s parking lot, leaving us to drive around for 45 min so she doesn’t wake up/

2:30- make it home just in time to put groceries away before folks begin to arrive for rehearsal.

3-6p.m.- rehearsal is impossible to orchestrate while holding a squirming toddler.  But we manage.

6:03- toddler has meltdown 

7:00- still melting….

7:30- husband discovers that Reel Big Fish videos on youtube stop the melting long enough to get three spoonfuls into her.

8:30- put tired baby down for the night.

8:32- neighbor’s car alarm goes off like a bomb. I tell my husband that we live in the ghetto and must move immediately.

9:04- baby back down to sleep.  Me, off to do more editing.  And emailing.  And prying my eyeballs off of the computer screen.

9:38- Car alarm number two. I was just kidding about living in the ghetto the first time.  Now I’m not.   Baby crying. I need a do over day. Pronto.


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