I Heart Hamburgers (And Most Other Things That Come From a Cow)

Let’s get one thing straight, here.  We at the Shannon Family Table are omnivorous.  We enjoy both meat and veggies, fruits and dairy.  We think that’s the healthiest way to go for our family, and one that provides adequate nutrition for our peanut.  However, recently, we’ve re-evaluated our eating habits and have found them wonting.  We’ve felt sluggish and slow, heavy and disengaged.  This is not about bathing suit season for us, anymore.  We’ve got an active, delightful toddler who will eat us for breakfast if we can’t keep up with her.  And we would like to be able to.  For her entire life, in fact.

We’ve never been unhealthy eaters.  I’m fairly astute at crafting weekly menus that are both tasty and nutritious.  However, it’s not the variety of which we eat (I’m obsessed with veggies- I’d prefer a Farmer’s Market run than a shopping spree at the mall) but the quantity of meats and dairy we consume compared to the amount of veg and fruit.  We’re a little out of proportion.  So, with that in mind, we are embarking on a culinary adventure never to have been considered before in this household that loves all things hamburger and covered in cheese related: Rich and I will be only eating fruits, veggies, whole grains and a minimum amount of dairy (one serving per day of yogurt or cheese) for an entire week. Sounds terrible, if you ask me.


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