Birthday Mania

It is a hot, crazy, birthday mess at our house.  Would you like to know why?  Here’s the run-down:

Ellie’s Birthday- March 30th

My Birthday- March 31st

My Mom’s Birthday- April 11th

Rich’s Birthday- April 21st (although, it’s really like the whole month of April.  He’s a birthday guy.)

My sister-in-law’s Birthday- April 23rd


My dining room table is covered in brightly colored invitations, paper lanterns, mason jars, wrapping paper, lists of people to invite to various birthday celebrations, twinkle lights, lists of food according to what gathering, birthday dresses for Ellie, birthday shoes and so on.  It used to also have a running tally of funds spent thus far, but it was too depressing to keep adding the numbers so I threw it out.  It’s just money, after all.  And we will never all turn 1, 29 and 31 ever again.  That should be celebrated.

Though I love to celebrate the people I love the most, I wish we were spread out just a little.   Party City has greatly benefitted from my predicament, however.  They should write me a thank you card.

Oh crap.

I have to buy those, too.


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