I am grumpy today.  I have no reason to be.  My kid’s been sleeping much better.  My husband got me a bunch of flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  I stayed inside and out of the rain all day.  But….

1.  I spent three hours making the PERFECT hummus and then dropped the entire bowl on the kitchen floor, sending shards of my favorite orange, ceramic mixing bowl and globs of chick pea goo into the far corners of the refrigerator, the ceiling fan, and lets not forget, the television and my hair.

2.  I turbo-taxed.  I hate taxes.  I hate doing them. I hate paying someone else to do them for me.  I hate that I don’t get enough money back.  I hate money. I hate that it takes all day now, because my kid likes to eat W-2’s.  I hate that I couldn’t tell if the last digit of my employee’s I.D. number was a 1 or a 7 because of the bite mark.  I hate taxes.  Did I say that?

3.  It rained.  Not the pleasant, nice kind of rain but the cold, dreary-should-have-been-snow-but-this-is-the-weirdest-winter-ever rain.

4.  We ran out of food, and I didn’t want to go shopping with a baby in the weird weather rain.  So I ate the hummus off of the floor.  I have to tell you, it tasted just the same on a sandwich with cucumbers, avocados and a little bit of brie.  And a ceramic shard or two.

5.  My kid decided she wasn’t going to eat anything at all today and do her annoying,” turn her face away from the spoon like you were feeding her drivel” thing.

6.  I needed Midol but all we had was Advil.  Advil is like Midol’s, stupid, younger step-brother with a Napoleon complex, but you can’t tell him that because he’ll just complain to your step-mom and she hates you already so it just isn’t worth the hassle. You might as well just put with him.

7.  I needed to email about 140,945 people.  I got to, well, one.

8.  I’ve wanted to blog for going on three days now.  I have so much to say.

And when I finally sat down, all that came out was this.

Let’s hope I’m less grumpy tomorrow.


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