“The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!”

I am approaching a rather large birthday, in my humble opinion.  I mean, essentially, considering my daughter’s birthday is one day ahead of mine, I will never really have a birthday again.  Which is fine with me.  I’m not really a birthday kinda girl.  My husband, on the other hand, considers April his “Birthday Month” in which some sort of celebration should, in his opinion, be held in his honor at least every week leading up to the big day.  And it should involve meat.  And good beer.  And lots of folks.  Lots and lots of folks.  I’m sure my daughter, having adopted his social demeanor, will require the same.

Most people talk about their 30th birthday as a big milestone.  In case the last 10 years were not enough of a reminder, you are forced to face the fact that you an adult.  You may even do adult things like change diapers of a human being who resembles you.  Write a check out to a mortgage company.  Own a vehicle because of it’s gas mileage and it’s convenient four doors.

And, most parents talk about their kid’s first birthday as a big milestone as well.

“We kept him alive for a whole year!” Is the running joke, right?  Your kid has made it to see a year come full circle.  It’s the one and only birthday you get to celebrate your parenting skills and decorate it the way you want- sorry, Dora the Explorer, you’re not welcome at this one.

This year, I think, is going to be special for the two of us.  I will begin my 29th year in the same 24 hours as my daughter begins her life as a human being with personality.   I like that image.

“The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!”

It is amazing to think that I have lived the majority of my twenties without her in it.

So, this is my last year as a twenty-something.  I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last few years.  I’m excited to end this decade that has been full of mistakes, heartaches, celebrations, bad jobs, good jobs, border-line poverty, illness, healing,despair, joy, disappointment, grief, death and new life and look forward to watching my daughter discover this big, new world that lies ahead of her.

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  I’m not mourning the end of my twenties.  It doesn’t make me sad to grow older.  I’m, in fact, rather excited to celebrate this last year of the decade because I already know that the next one will be more exciting; more full of adventure. I will learn so much more because I am more confident in the fact that I am a child of God.  More confident in the gifts I’ve been given.  More secure that Christ will carry me.  Support me.  Provide for me.  More sure that family and friends will be there when I need them.  More dedicated to raising my child with the sense of awe and wonder and beauty that the world was made in. More aware that my prayers are heard.  More conscious of others.  More courageous.  I’m healthier, thinner, happier and more comfortable in my own skin than I was when I started out this decade as a confused, lost, scared and insecure 20 year old college student who changed her major every other semester.

I’m so glad my kid gets to start out her life with me as I am now and not who I was ten years ago.

How did you sum up your twenties? Were you sad to see them go or excited to start something new?




One thought on ““The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!”

  1. my 20’s included the start of my nursing career; the death of my mother, a grandmother, and a cousin, all in the space of one year, and the break up of my engagement (a 6 year relationship) right after the finding of my Savior. i was naive enough to think my fiance would follow in my spiritual footsteps-NOT. my dad remarried and our family started figuring out how to make things work without my mother, and with this new person, in it, which was very hard. all in all, i was glad to the end of my 20’s.

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