Wishful Thinking

Christmas is quickly approaching and my poor, sleep deprived self is light years away from being finished wrapping and baking.  At least the shopping’s done.  But, you know what I am doing instead of getting the aforementioned things done? Wishing.  That’s what this season perpetuates.  So, here’s my Wish List as of  7 a.m. this morning.

1.  I wish I remembered what hot coffee tasted like.  Without rice krispies floating in it.

2.  I wish I had a laptop (A macbook air, if we’re being specific) instead of freezing my butt off in the library on the desktop.

3.  I wish I was eating these  right this very second.

4.  I wish I didn’t obsessively stalk this site everyday.

5.  I wish I didn’t care about how clean my house was.  I would have so much more time for other things.  Like doing nothing.

6.  I wish I had classy pajamas so I wouldn’t feel so badly about not changing out of them until noon.  My husband’s tee-shirt and an old pair of sweatpants aren’t really cutting it.

7.  I wish I played the piano better than I do, though my kid thinks my rendition of, “Twinkle, Twinkle” is spectacular.

8.  I wish I had time to read.

9.  I wish morning television didn’t exist.  I wish I didn’t keep it on just for company instead of listening to podcasts of something meaningful and relevant.  Not stories on sparkle jeans.

10.  I wish I didn’t waste so much time wishing for things.


There you go.

Happy Tuesday.





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