Thanksgiving-ed Out

In the last few days I have eaten way too much.  Like, way too much. I am all for the traditional day after Thanksgiving breakfast of apple pie and spiced coffee, but it is now the day after the day after Thanksgiving, and here I sit, empty pie plate in hand and a third cup of joe.  I have 8 pounds of creamy mashed spuds in my fridge- mainly because I bought a potato ricer for the big event and was so impressed by how smooth the potatoes were, it was impossible to stop ricing them- two trays full, and I mean, full of stuffing.  An entire pumkin pie left, untouched.  A turkey carcass that looks like miniature vultures took roost on the top shelf of the fridge, but were incapable of keeping up with the massive 20 pounder.  I am Thanksgiving-ed out.  I have searched the internet far and wide for recipes for leftovers.  I can’t get the taste of cinnamon and sage and gravy out of my mouth.  No matter how you roast it, mold it, fry it, bake it, coat it in something else, stuffing still tastes like stuffing.  It’s times like these when it is absolutely imperative to live in close proximity to a slew of ethnic restaurants, serving up wondrous and exotic things like spicy Aloo Kheema,  fragrant Atkilt Wat, sweet Tikka Masala, Gigante Beans with Tomato Sauce and grilled Haloumi, lemony Tom Yum Soup.

My mouth needs a bit of a wake-up call from a little Garam Masala.  Some Cilantro.  Perhaps a Thai Chili-or two.  If anyone has a recipe for transforming bucket loads of sweet potato casserole into Mussaman Curry, please let me know.  I’m dying over here.


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