Last Night

1:35 a.m.: awoken by infant gurgling on baby monitor.  Paused to reflect how cute it was before the screaming began.

3:37 a.m. : No cute gurgling this time.  Went running into room to check for broken body parts.  None could be found.  Located, instead, a pancake sized wet spot where she had leaked through her pajamas.  Picked her up to change her.  Forgot my water glass in my room.  Stumbled in the dark.  Hit baby girl’s arm in the door frame.  Frantic screaming ensued.  Checked for broken body parts for the second time.  None could be found for the second time. Changed baby girl and began the soothing/rocking/crying/praying process for the third time of the night.

5:48a.m. : Baby girl finally fell asleep.  Mama too tired to even lift her into her crib, brought her into bed.  Just in time for Papa’s alarm to go off at 6.

9:30 a.m : Threw out list of everything that needed to be done today.  Poured third cup of coffee.  Ignored cell phone. And Geico bill.  And UPS at the door.  And everything else in my life and watched my kid sleep on the couch next to me.  That’s what I’ll be doing today.


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