Today, I thought I would list a few things that made me thankful to wake up this morning:

1.  New Mexican Coffee from Trader Joes…..go get some.

2.  The huge, red chair in the library I am reclining in.

3.  The fact that I have a library.

4. Bob-the-builder as a Father-in-law who has transformed my house into a lovely decorated, living space in two short days of hanging shelves and pictures and being patient with my indecisive nature.

5.  The rain, which I often feel gives me an excuse to stay in my pajamas way longer than an adult should.

6.  The nap my kid’s taking.  Not on my shoulder.  While I am home to listen to her breathe, and not in my classroom waiting to call the babysitter.

7. Family, related or not, who love us and look out for us.

8.  Thanksgiving menu planning and Christmas shopping outlining- now that I am home and have a little kid, the holidays seem much more magical and something to look forward to.

9.  The food shopping was done yesterday.  Yeah! A little cleaning up, a little bill paying, and a lot of snuggles are planned for the day.

10.  For the lessons learned that have slowly been transformative since Ellie was born.  God provides.  We walk by faith, not by sight.  Trusting in both of these things is actually easier and more logical than attempting to take care things myself.  God has proven his faithfulness again and again.


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