Typically, this is the week that I would write a few witty, panicked paragraphs about the back-to-school preparations I would be making.  I would have  started having the ” alarm-didn’t-go-off-late-for-school” nightmares a few days ago.  I would have already bought my first day outfit-yes, I still did that.  Technically speaking, this is the first year in my 28 years of living that I will not return to school as either a student or a teacher.  This is the first year I am something other than what I’ve always been.  Here are a  few, concise and not all-encompassing thoughts in no particular order about that:

1.  I am thrilled to be the one to raise my daughter full time, instead of giving her to someone else so that I can teach other people’s children.

2.  I am seriously missing the excuse to spend 200.00 on awesome posters, new books and shiny red pens for my classroom.

3.  I am giddy with anticipation of setting my alarm for the first day of school, only to shut it off in the morning and go on with my day-which will be everything I ever wanted to do on my first day of school.  Brunch, new shoes that I could never, possibly wear in the classroom and perhaps, a manicure to round out the day.

4.  Part of me is sad that I will not be returning to the third wing that ran my life for the last 4 years.  I’ll miss my neighboring teachers and their antics.

5.  I will miss my fair share of teenage drama.  It’s true.  I will.

6.  I get to be one person.  Not Mrs. Shannon for 7 hours, Jenny and Mama at home.  It’s all me, all the time.

7.  I will get to enjoy my favorite season, and have it mean something other than scheduling conflicts and pep rallies.

8.  I can pee anytime I want.  I don’t have to wait until third period.

9.  I can read for fun.  Not Crime and Punishment for the thousandth time.

10.  I don’t have to pack my lunch and leave it in the creepy teacher’s room fridge that always had a peeled cucumber and a defrosting lean cuisine haunting it’s top shelf.  Ew.



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