I cleaned my house today.  I know that most, normal people do this at least once a week, but I must confess I’ve been rather negligent in the cleaning department.  It had something to do with a deadline I had to meet for the first time in my life and a little person who is now used to me cooing and catering to her every whim she seldom allows me to direct my attention elsewhere- like the penny that has been positioned in same spot on the floor since a little child of a friend put it there.  And since we haven’t had people over in about 3 weeks, that will give you a heads up on whether or not I’ve cleaned my floors.

But, my kid got vaccinated yesterday for one of those diseases that haven’t been around Teddy Roosevelt and it’s safe to say that she’s not feeling quite like herself.  Meaning, when she’s not whimpering, she’s sleeping.  Which left me 3 hours to clean my house.  And this is what I decided after my cleaning frenzy:

We have too. much. stuff.

Some stuff I really like and could tell you how it got there.  Some stuff I have no idea how it ended up at our address, in my living room, but there it sits in all its glory.  Some stuff I don’t even like but move it back and forth from room to room anyway, trying to figure out if perhaps I’d like it in a different color scheme.  I am tired of stuff.  It made me so tired cleaning things I didn’t even want today.

So, what to do? Garage sale? Sell it on craigslist? Donate it to the veterans?

My living room floor is covered in brightly colored baby toys, quilts and things that light up when I accidentally step on them.  It will be like this, I imagine, for  quite a while.  Time to get rid of the stuff that won’t.


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