Plugs, Shout-outs and Outward Expressions of Awesomeness: Installment #2

Alright, I couldn’t wait.  How selfish would it be to keep all of this to myself? Here’s installment number 2, a day earlier than planned.

Who moves their family out of the country with two little kids because God told them to? The Rhodes do.  For the last year they’ve spent their meatball-making, squirrel-hunting, uncontrollably laughing, magical abilities to tell the kids of Belfast that there’s a God who loves them.  You should read about their adventures here.  I believe that after you do, you’ll be so encouraged that you’ll want to set sail yourself and help them out.  That’s a good thing, because they need interns.  Like, for real.  If you happen to be between the ages of 18-24 and have a few extra months to spare, Belfast is calling your name.  Shoot Noelle an e-mail, raise 1,000 bucks a month for the months you’ll be spending in Northern Ireland, work on a passable brogue and you’re well on your way- just leave your “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts at home.

Anybody can point and click a camera.  Few can be called photographers.  She can. So can he.

Perhaps you’re not really in the market for an illustrator.  That’s a shame.  If you knew him, you’d procure a manuscript in a matter of minutes just to have an opportunity to have his pen grace your page.  (Your manuscript would be terrible, by the way, if you wrote it in minutes. But it wouldn’t matter.  It would still look awesome.  That’s how good he is.)

And there you have it.  You thought I was done, didn’t you?  Not even close.  I’m loving these posts- it’s been amazing to see and revisit the gifts of the people I’ve been blessed to know and live life with.  So, I’m going sneak in some shout-outs and plugs here and there for the life of this blog- because, it’s not just our little family around our table, but all of you as well.


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