After our day yesterday, the Mama Bear has temporarily retired.  The gastro-enternologist was quite possibly, the kindest Doctor I’ve ever met, thoroughly checked out our child, pronounced her healthy, but with a serious milk protein allergy, and sent us on our way to return in 6 weeks for a check-up.  Though I thought I had been diligent in my diet, I must cut out all dairy- not even a drop of butter.  Oh, butter.  I’m mourning the butter.  But so glad that it is something we can do something about.

When something’s wrong with your kid, I think your system goes on hyper-drive.  Not only does the Mama Bear transformation occur, but I think you get bonus senses that allow you super-human powers- if only for the duration of the time of stress.  Like all highs, however, there must be a fall.  Today, the Mama Bear is hibernating.  Technically.  We’ll get outside only because it’s gorgeous.  But, I’m putting into hibernation all of those scary hours we had yesterday, packing away my neurotic tendencies (is that just dry skin or cradle cap? Or psoriasis?) and hanging out with the coolest little girl on the planet.  Why? Because she’s awesome.  And I’m too drained to do anything else.

The line is so thinly drawn between riding something out and taking initiative when it comes to a baby.  They can’t tell you if something’s wrong or not.  And you think no one knows your kid like you do.  Except- God does.  He knows.  He knows more than me.  Better than me.  And he can protect and heal in a way that I cannot.

I’m thankful for all of your prayers, knowing well that she is doing alright because of them.  I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day just as much as we are.


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