Writing, Writing and more Writing

I’m watching Rachel Ray.  I hate her, but my kid fell asleep on my shoulder and I have been unable to move without disrupting her precious beauty rest, thus, I am seething silently at the “Yummo” and “EVOO” references.  I am also trying to finish part one of the curriculum I have due tomorrow.  But, I got stuck on some wording for the lesson plan for week seven and found myself thinking about what to write for my next blog post.  It amazes me that this little spot on the internet for which I do not get paid still seems more inviting than writing something that will actual pay for that big j.crew order I just put in this morning- 30% off all sale items! Who could resist?  Which reminded me that some previous posts on this very blog were published elsewhere on the internet for other’s viewing pleasure. Here, here, and here .  In fact, due to the overabundant interest according to my yahoo contributor profile, I’ve made a whopping 4 cents so far!  Hey, now! I’m only being relatively facetious. It is quite amazing to me that anyone would pay me anything to write, 4 cents or not and makes me think all kinds of warm and fuzzy thoughts like, “I was just paid 4 cents for holding my daughter while she slept”.  Amen.

I’ve always had an underlying embarrassment about self-promotion for whatever I pursued whether it be writing or music or kid’s programs or otherwise.  I’m almost glad to say that parenthood has rid me of that.  I get to do things I love in order to, hopefully, help support my family and provide a better life for my daughter.  I should be embarrassed if I wasn’t using my gifts to accomplish that.

What is it that you always wanted to do and never thought you could? Something you knew you were good at, but too afraid to pursue? At the risk of sounding like an eternal optimist (which is quite a new concept for me), what keeps you from doing it?  I’ve learned that what we perceive as obstacles are only obstacles when we believe we have to tackle them alone.  With God, with family and with friends like you, nothing’s impossible.

Happy Monday!


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