Twenty Questions

My kid fell asleep early this morning- probably because she was up at 4, for the second day in a row.  As she swings next to me and I have my second cup of coffee, these are the questions I’m pondering since my brain is on over-tired, over-drive.

1.  Why is it that when I was working, I wasn’t tempted to spend money because I was certain we didn’t have it.  Now that I’m not really working, all I can think about is the j.crew sale and how I can purchase these for my dining room.

2.  I thought we kicked the day/night confusion.  Why is it coming back again?

3.  I know Rich and I really should get out by ourselves once a week- but what do we do that’s cheap, or better, free?

4.  I hate couponing.  I’ve really tried and for someone who loves to budget, this makes no sense.  Why do I hate it so much?

5.  How do Mothers have time to workout?  No, really? Like real, at-home Moms without nannies.  How do you do it?

6.  Will my kid’s eyes EVER clear up? How long does it take for clogged ducts? Should I call the doctor AGAIN?!?

7.  I would hate yoga.  Should I take it?  I don’t have time.  Or, do I?  I would hate it anyway.  Should I make time for something I hate? Maybe it will relax me.  How can something you hate be relaxing?

8.  How will Ellie do on a plane?  Would I have a nervous breakdown if she cried the whole flight? Probably.  Would she cry the whole time because I’ll be having a nervous breakdown? Probably.

9.  Why are our property taxes so damn high? We have no backyard.  Why does our family have to all live in Essex County? Would we ever be able to sell our house if we wanted to move anyway?

10.  Can we live without cable? Yes.  How can we get cheap internet without cable TV? Should we keep Netflix if we get rid of cable?

11.  Do I really need EZPass when I’m not driving to work anymore? Is it worth keeping to avoid the hassle of the change lane?

12.  What am I going to make for dinner?

13.  Is it possible to finish writing this curriculum in 2 weeks with a screaming infant and get out of my pjs at a normal time?

14.  How can I generate more income from freelancing? Who to ask for tips?

15.  How can I lose 20 lbs before my anniversary?

16.  I wish I spoke at least another language fluently.  Is it worth the extra time I don’t have to invest?

17.  The swing stopped.  Crap.  Did it run out of batteries?

18.  What is that smell?

19.  When was the last time I cleaned out the fridge?

20.  Do I have time to do that today, along with all of the other things I have to do?



2 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. Hahah this cracked me up. I’m constantly thinking of buying stuff regardless of money or how occupied my mind is. Ha! I’m thinking about buying stuff right now actually, at this very moment

  2. I love this. My top question right now as I listen to my kids fight sleep in the bedroom is, “Did Olive really just say, ‘Silas get your toe out of my nose.’?” Oh the joy.

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