Dear Ice Cream, I Miss You

After a frightening bout of tiny, bloody streaks in Ellie’s diaper and a constant upset tummy, her Doctor suggested it may be caused by a dairy allergy.  The part of me that is innately a good parent prayed that this was the case so that we can identify and eradicate the problem.  The other fat kid part of me cried at the thought of having to give up Cherry Garcia.  And Gouda.  And buttered popcorn.  I make the best, homemade buttered popcorn.

Well, it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve had anything faintly reminiscent of butter or cream.  The verdict, you ask?  Ellie’s tummy is on the up and up.  No gas.  No blood. This makes the good parent happy.  I’ve also lost a few extra pounds, which makes the vain Mama in me very happy.  But, those fat kids are difficult to satiate and mine is suffering serious withdrawals.  I’m so very glad my daughter’s feeling better, but, dear ice cream, I miss you terribly.


One thought on “Dear Ice Cream, I Miss You

  1. well jenny i just read this and i thought omg! that was my problem as a kid i was allergic to milk and wouldn’t stop crying and once the Dr. told my mom to stop giving me milk because of bottle rot(gross i know) i was a happy kid.

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