How He Loves Us…

This song came on Pandora tonight while trying to get Ellie to close her over-tired eyes after a full day of galavanting to Farmer’s Markets, band practices and lunch at Irving’s( she eyed my Pastrami sandwich the whole time, little hungry monster. I have a feeling rice cereal’s just not going to cut it).  She was so hopped up she couldn’t even focus to eat- she just needed bed time pronto.  So, I did my best to swaddle her up,( Papa’s on a much deserved night off with a friend to watch a soccer game and have a beer that will actually still be cold by the time he gets to drink it) stick the Nuk in her mouth, and rock her back and forth the way he does.  Unfortunately, after singing all day today my voice was pretty shot and I was fearful of how she would get to sleep without her usual serenade. Thank God for iphones.  And Pandora.  It saved my life ( and my knees from all that rocking) and left me wondering that, though I love to be the one to sing our daughter off to dreamland, why we hadn’t taken advantage before.  Three songs in, “How He Loves Us” came on.  I know you don’t understand the irony, but I’ve never been a fan of this song.  In fact, I’ve been known to whisper snide remarks and self-righteous proclamations concerning my opinion of the lyrics and awkward phrasing.  Thus, my schooling as a parent begins.  My kid loved it.  In fact, after being restless for nearly 2 hours, as soon as it began she breathed out a little sigh, closed her eyes and her little pacifier hung out of the side of her mouth like my Pop-pop and his cigar habit.

My opinions no longer matter.  I will play this song every night if it procures the same response.  I mean, what’s really wrong with it anyway?  Because I hate the line about being a tree?  It reached my daughter, calmed her little heart and put her to sleep.  There are worse things songs can sing about other than the fact that God loves you.  Sigh.  I’m such a snob sometimes.

So, I decided to share it with you tonight.  I feel like I owe Mr. McMillan that much for putting my kid to sleep.


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