Last night, the Thunder was so loud it shook the walls of our house.  Rich and I were startled awake and waited with baited breath to see if it woke our girl.  Sure enough, a small whimper began to resound on the baby monitor.  As a Mom, you are able to identify the different cries your child makes.  One when she’s hungry, wet, in pain, frustrated.  But last night she cried in a way I had never heard before.  She was scared.  At 4 a.m., it took both of her parents, two fluffy blankets, a pacifier, a set list of songs and a thousand kisses to assure her that thunder can’t hurt her.  That we were there to protect her.  That there’s no reason to be afraid.  She finally fell asleep on her Papa- but not without covering her ears.  It broke my heart to watch her, even in sleep, trying to protect herself.

I thought this morning about how I am often afraid of thunder- things that seem menacing, but have no actual power and how God consoles me, reminds me of His love for me and all the times He protected me only to have me cover my ears and try again to protect myself instead of relying on Him.

I hope I will be able to model for my daughter the kind of trust in God that allows us to sleep in peace, unafraid of thunder.


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