Things I Did Today

This may not seem like much to you, but it was a milestone day today in the Shannon Household.


1.  Slept from 6:54 to 9:37 a.m. Amen.

2.  Showered.  With soap. And not just half of my body.

3.  Emptied the dishwasher and refilled it with the dirty dishes left in the sink

4.  Cleared the kitchen table of three weeks worth of clutter, stale bread and credit card bills

5.  Organized all gift cards received and made a list of necessities that need purchasing at each store

6.  Ate BOTH breakfast AND lunch.  While sitting down.

7.  Mapped out a decent strategy for this season’s vegetable garden with my father-in-law

8.  Made some phone calls I had been putting off, since, February.

9.  Changed 2 dirty diapers.

10.  Praised the Lord that I was not: a. Crying with a screaming child (she’s been sleeping soundly for an hour now) b. buried under a pile of dirty dishes and laundry thanks to my husband who’s on vacation this week and c. teaching my eighth period class (though I love them dearly, I’m so thankful to be home.) Hang in there, my E.P.friends! Spring Break’s around the corner:)

I feel more than a little accomplished, I must say. Who knows what I’ll tackle next?


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