I Will Survive

My new habit of watching old Glee episodes during late night feedings may or may not be the reason why my last two posts have song titles.  Anyway, today was our first day without Dad at home and I must say, we survived.  Though he was greatly missed.  It was Grammy’s birthday and Aunt Emily and I set up a nice table on the patio spread with all kinds of her favorite goodies- and a good bottle of Riesling and some chocolate cake, of course. Holy cow have I missed a good Riesling the last 10 months.  The best part? I got to take a nap while Grammy watched Ellie on the couch- and she thought that was the best birthday present ever! Win-win.

Grammy and Auntie Em are fabulous and I’m so grateful for their help, but they’re just not Daddy.  I’ve been spoiled the last few weeks with his ever present humming, the soccer channel providing a gentle sound track, his reassurance that I’m a good Mom and that Ellie’s eating enough and has not developed my allergies or the whooping cough or some other weird intestinal disorder- baby poop is supposed to look like that.  He has a big presence that fills our house with the reminder that all things will be worked out for good and it was obviously missing today.  So much so that I became determined to brainstorm ways to make money from home and stalked way too many home business blogs peppered with those terrible testimonials with the advertisements for self-published books on the right hand side.

But, we survived.  And it wasn’t so bad.  And Ellie’s hanging out on the couch on her favorite guy as he watches soccer before dinner and all is well with the world again.  Until we do it all again tomorrow.


One thought on “I Will Survive

  1. I was praying that you would survive! That first week home alone was exhausting for me… Daddy’s are so nice to have around!

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