Redemption Fridays

There were no women in the waiting room when I arrived at the Doctor.  Score.  I didn’t have to give anyone dirty looks about complaining how little weight they’ve gained in their third trimester.   My blood pressure was a little high, but I quickly explained it was the stress coming directly from work, having to pick Rich up from the train and still getting to the appointment on time, and would they kindly check again in 20 minutes?  They did, and it was back to my normal vampire self. Ellie seems to be mapping out her exit strategy and preparing for evacuation- she’s head down and ready to go!  She does not, however, appreciate the doppler all up in her face- she tried to push it off immediately. It was a relief on my extended tummy and to my heart that she’s turned into a more conducive position.  Aside from the swelling and the (sigh) weight gain, it seems like everything is on track- though I was advised that if my pressure and swelling are linked to stress, I must avoid it at all costs- particularly during my last week at work.  So, don’t breathe bad air in my direction, people.  It’s bad for the baby.  And my shoe size.  After all the reassurance my Doctor was able to provide me, there’s still no word on her future rapper status.  Though, I’m pretty sure she’s not the uni-bomber.  I just have a feeling.

So, I’ve begun my day with less tears than yesterday already, I’ve got David Gray’s Pandora station on- don’t judge me, it’s raining-and I’m thinking about how this is my last Friday morning in my classroom before I become a Mama.  I am constantly amazed at the fact that God is good to me, though I’m never faithful or trusting.  If self-depricating Thursdays must come, it’s nice that Redemption Fridays are what follow.


One thought on “Redemption Fridays

  1. Hang in there girlie!! You’re almost at the end!!
    This is the hardest part but you can do it!!! I had blood pressure issues with both my pregnancies.. stress & that’s how my body handled all those extra hormones!! You will be fine- work is almost over and then you can relax & dream of when Miss Ellie is here in person!! You are beautiful and amazing!!

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