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Everyone loves to know what a pregnant woman craves. In fact, my husband considered it a rite of passage when he had to make a late night run to find shrimp cocktail and Italian Wedding Soup. Don’t ask me how he found them both at 9 at night but upon returning home you would have thought he had won the World Series, brandishing shopping bag proudly in hand. I am, probably, one of the most boring people to ask this question. I loved both ice cream and pickles (separately, of course) long before a little Shannon was in the works. But, since it seems to be a much anticipated inquiry, I thought I’d outline food preferences that have risen to the occasion during the incubation of said child.

1. Before Ellie, I did not eat red meat and if I did, it would have to be burned and gray and completely unappetizing looking without a trace of pink. Now, you could probably serve it raw and you might have to fight me to lick the plate. Totally weird.

2. Before Ellie, I hated bananas. Banana bread, banana muffins, banana pancakes, banana smoothies- even the fake banana flavored candy was cause for disdain. Now, I eat one with breakfast. Every day. And if I don’t have one, I get really cranky. Trust me.

3. I, currently, put strawberries in/on everything. In my salads, in my yogurt, on my ice cream- everything. Very odd considering that the strawberry was my least favorite berry.

4. I have always loved dark chocolate- being pregnant just seems to have accelerated this taste. Unfortunately.

5. All icy confections anywhere from italian ice to ice cream to ice pops are high in demand- even in the middle of winter. Waddling all the time makes you so thirsty.

That’s really about it- aside from the occasional turkey sub or mozzarella stick craving, I’m a fairly boring pregnant lady. However, if I start putting hot sauce on my chocolate cake or rolling my pickles in powdered sugar, you’ll be the first to know.


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