>It’s Friday.  Which means I treat myself to our local cafe’s egg sandwich on the way to work.  I ran in quickly ( I never put money in the meter) and my favorite waitress already had my tea ready as I waited at the counter.  And then, a familiar brown tweed at the counter began to speak.

“Are you a christian? I think you are.  I knew you were when I met you last. I knew you were a sister.”

Remember a few posts ago when I outlined how my getting to work on time was deterred by a talkative alcoholic in need of a best friend?  Looks like he found one.  It appears as if I’ll be meeting the elderly gentleman on Friday mornings for breakfast (me an egg and cheese sandwich and a black tea with milk, his preference whole wheat, buttered toast and a green tea) in which he will explain his undying affection for the Red Cross woman with the blue hair and I will get to marvel at how quickly he can speak and eat at the same time.

We may over look people and things God puts in our way the first time, but never- never the second.  There’s no way around it. Donny and I are fated to be life-long friends.  And, I will never be on time for work ever again.  Especially if he doesn’t get up the guts to ask blue-haired lady out this week.  Geesh.


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