>Wanted: My Creativity

>I’ve lost it.  It has officially been consumed by demanding A.P. students needing college recommendations. Squashed by the pile of dishes in the sink that have begun to waft unnatural odors through my living room doors.  Stifled by this growing child within me that seems to need every ounce of nutrition, energy, patience and sleep I come across on a daily basis.

I have no creativity.

I have not written anything that could even resemble a song, a poem, a chapter in one of the two novels that been in progress for two years now- even a haiku.  Nada.

I have alternated chicken and pasta for weeknight meals.  No Indian Biryani that once graced our table.  No homemade bread or almond torte or even hot chocolate from scratch.  Thank you, Swiss Miss.

I have not rearranged furniture.  Redecorated my bedroom.  Thought about patterns for the nursery.

In fact, it took me a disconcerting 20 minutes to write this minuscule, scattered post which is just another dismal reflection of my lack of creative juices.

Someone help me find it.  


One thought on “>Wanted: My Creativity

  1. >Ahh, welcome to my world of a lack of words, due to my own child, and the 70 or so other children that suck my brain dry and leave me with the ability to only answer "yes" "no" questions.

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