>Where I am…


DSC_0111, originally uploaded by jshannon331.

See this? This is where I am pretending I live right now. That this is the view from my kitchen window as I’m stirring something yummy on the stove that works because appliances would never break here. I would never have a crummy day where I cry for no reason. I would run around like a maniac in a twirl-y skirt and sing songs very loudly because I would have no neighbors to hear me. Or me, them. At one in the morning. Telling each other how many years (yea-ahs in northern jersey speak) they’ve wasted on each other. Blah. Blah.

So, I’m taking a little mental vacation from my broken oven and my unhappy neighbors. I’m pretending I live here. Just for a few hours. Sorry, you can’t come.


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