>The Simple Things

>Life has been fairly complicated for the last few days and what has resulted out of that remarkable complication, is the realization that it is the simple things that are the good things.  So, I’ve been hanging out with friends at their pools, laughing and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I’ve stayed in my p.j.s until at least- well, I’m still in them, so you get the idea.  I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter, sitting in Starbucks, playing silly songs on the piano, puttering around in my garden and thoroughly enjoying the way God’s love is lavished upon those who let Him.  And one of the ways I let him love me this week is through scrambled eggs.  Nope. Not lying.  The simplest things are the best things, and all good things come from Him, right? Since I just can’t keep his goodness to myself, I thought I’d share it with you.

Take two eggs whisked with a tablespoon of half and half-yes, you heard me. Do it.  You’ll never turn back. Then throw in some herbs from your garden- or the farmer’s market or super market if you’re not lucky enough to pick your own in your p.j.’s.

Put the egg mixture in a hot skillet, smeared with a pat of silky butter and throw in some crumbles of your favorite cheese- I used the last of the feta that was clinging to the deli drawer.

Then, stick it on your favorite plate, use your favorite coffee mug and proceed to make this your simplest, most favorite day ever.


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