>Busy Bee

>”How about Tuesday?”
“Yeah- no. Can’t.”

“How about Wednesday?”

“Ok, Thursday? Next Thursday? Sunday before church? Saturday night????”

“Fine.  How about you call me when you ever have time for me, ok?”

I wish this was an example of only one conversation I’ve have over the last year.  Unfortunately, it seems to be the only conversation I’ve had with my friends and family members since- well, I don’t know when.  My life has taken over leaving me with little room to breathe, clean the floor of my bathroom or meet up for a cup of fro yo with my little sister, who may not be so little by the time I ever actually get to hang out with her.

I’m not sure when my quiet life became an insurmountable rolling ball of business, but I do know that it must stop.  And it must stop now.  Before I lose my mind.  Or worse.  My friends.


2 thoughts on “>Busy Bee

  1. >this is basically my life. yet, i hate being not busy. by the way, when are we hanging out!?!? haha (totally kidding! im seeing you saturday anyway!)amy p

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