>Vacation Commencement

>It’s that time again. A few days after Christmas, when the sight of your droopy tree sends you into a panic about falling needles rather than insight warm, fuzzy winter memories and your mind begins to wander about whether or not your life is just as droopy- and if so, what are you going to do about it?

I hate the new year. Whether we want to or not, it always seems to involve reflection of some sort. Reflection on the past year, reflection on the things we’ve yet to accomplish, mistakes we’ve made, resolutions we’ve never carried out.
I’m a list maker. In the past few years I’ve made lists (during my week off) miles long of all of the things I wanted to do differently in the up and coming year. All of the things I was actually going to pursue, get to, pray for, go after, create, bake, etc. After a brief contemplation on my (new!) couch, I’ve decided that I’m over all of that.
This past year, I got the home I always wanted, I learned that family (no matter how nutty) are willing to help when you need it, that I love teaching kids how to read music and play the guitar, that I can drive all by myself for 16 hours straight in a car that doesn’t belong to me, and fly back all by myself to accomplish something I always knew I was meant to do, that I have the most beautiful women as friends that I could have ever asked for, that my sisters are a few of the smartest people I know, that if you work to live you’re a much better person, that worry’s a false prophet, and that I am loved as a Daughter of the most high.
So, my resolution this year? It has nothing to do with losing 10 lbs, being more motivated, settling into a career, going back to school, being a better teacher, wife, daughter, friend.
I’m going to laugh more and worry less.
I’m going to continue praying for crazy, outrageous things knowing that I serve a God of miracles.
I’m going to dwell in the love my God has for me- remember that I am Chosen and keep in mind that compared to that, all other things fall away.
2010’s going to be a great year.
Now, what to do with the notebook I was going to use for this year’s list?

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