>I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “Calling” lately, and this was a fairly decent article I thought I’d share with you, here.


One thought on “>Callings

  1. >That is a good article!It annoys me when Christians talk about God's Will for their career as if it's a needle in the haystack – and the only way to be in the center of God's will is doing the worst thing you could ever imagine doing (scraping lesions off of lepers). I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that to be happy in a career is a meeting of your deepest desire and the world's deepest needs. God's will is not a tiny needle, but is instead as big and roaring as the ocean. If it makes us outrageously happy, chances are that God can use it for His/Her good. When clients come to me and say "how do I do God's will?", I ask back, "what makes you happy?"

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