>Goal Update

>News Flash:  I have worked (almost to completion) on three songs this week, have taken my first Portuguese lesson (which I will post about later), and am preparing myself to spend the morning to early afternoon at either Panera or Whole Foods in an attempt to finish three (!) chapters of at least one novel right after I take a trip to the bank to grab the one bank statement I’m missing for the mortgage application.  I have, however, gained a pound this week.  Oh, well.  Four out of five ain’t bad.


One thought on “>Goal Update

  1. >jenny – i feel like i should let you know that from now on, i will be blogging over at livejournal.com. i was able to transfer all my blogspot entries over, and i just like the format better over there. if you want to keep up with me, message me on facebook and i can send you my site. i will still keep up with yours, but i won't be posting on mine.hope all is well with you!

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