>Freedom Righters

>I just read Freedom Writers. You know that book about that crazy teacher who taught delinquent kids in South Beach? She worked three jobs to purchase books for her students that she couldn’t get funding for. Honestly, I hated the book and I harbored bad thoughts about Ms. Gruwell simply because she made me feel like the worst teacher alive. I struggle with spending ten bucks on Halloween candy for the ungrateful little imps- you wouldn’t catch me dolling out a couple hundred for books that I know they’re not going to read. Not to say that I don’t have some kids who wouldn’t read it. Or that I hate my kids- I’m not that awful kinda-teacher who makes you wonder if they were aware the profession involved interacting with children before they took the position. This women sold her soul to keep these kids afloat, and admirable though it was I can’t help but wonder if she had any friends. Was she terribly surprised when her marriage feel apart? Balance is one of the hardest things about teaching, I think, and though she apparently has gotten quite a bit of publicity, I don’t think she did it very well.


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