>Herculean Bacterial Coup de Tat

>I thought I had beaten the system.  Nearly two years floating around in public schools without nearly a sniffle.  It had to catch up to me sometime.  Though, it’s possible that I’ve just been harboring all kinds of kid-germs and they all came out to play at once- which would explain the head-splitting ache in my skull and the fire-breathing dragon sore throat.  

I’ve all but injected Vitamin C, have tried snorting Advil Cold and Sinus to no avail, and have hung my head in misery over a steaming pot of water.  I quickly become angry.  This is all a ploy- a dirty trick.  I’ve been out-smarted by Herculean bacteria.  The ones that hide out inside your body like those gross foot-fungal commercials….or Mucinex….shudder…little green booger men sweating and scratching, getting ready to release their fury just as I’m off for Thanksgiving vacation.  
All and all, I refuse to let it beat me.  I will rejoice.  I will be Thankful.  I will be armed with Puffs Plus and a humidifier. 
Gobble, gobble.

One thought on “>Herculean Bacterial Coup de Tat

  1. >That sucks big time. I used to work in a residential psychiatric facility with kids, which means that they all lived there and every virus that came in mutated 100 times between each kid, and came out as a super-virus. I was sick ALL the time. If it makes you feel any better, today my body is covered in itchy, painful hives.

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