>Necessary Indulgences

Both a mani and pedi in the dead of winter. ( No one should have feet that look like that, even if they aren’t going to be making any public appearances for a few more months).

Good shoes. Fun, good shoes. One pair of good, fun expensive shoes.

The purchase of a book at full retail price on the day it was released. Yes, I know you can just get it for free from the library, but who knows how many people have read it their bathroom???? Bet you never thought about that, hum?

An over-priced, overly sweet latte from Bigbucks….just once in a while, you have an itch only a four dollar coffee can scratch.

Mental Health Days. No work, no kids, no worries. Just you, a big bowl of popcorn and a sappy Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks combo.

Shoprite at Home. Hellooo….order your groceries on-line and they do your shopping for you- all you have to do is pull up with that over-priced latte I was talking about and watch as they lovingly place it in your car. No more Shoprite on Sundays has single handedly lowered my blood pressure.

A weekend away with your husband. Sure, you’ll argue about who forgot to pack whose glasses, complain about the scratchy sheets and the way your car is always a mess- but isn’t that all the stuff you’d do at home already? New places even make arguing more fun.

Fresh Flowers, Fresh Produce, Fresh Food. All capitalized for good reason. They may feel like indulgences, but there are few things more necessary.

Good wine and good chocolate. Neither necessarily mean expensive, just that they are important enough to splurge on when necessary. If a good wine’s 7.00, then awesome- if it’s 70.00, aren’t you worth it?

Showing “The Goonies” to your class full of 17 year olds on a rainy Friday under the guise of utilizing it as a “Writing Prompt” for an essay about Childhood Adventures. Yes, I’m that smart. This day is awesome.

I know I have much more necessary indulgences, what are yours???


2 thoughts on “>Necessary Indulgences

  1. >Ditto on the wine. My necessary indulgence? A complex Pinot Noir, a fresh-baked baguette slathered with french sweet cream butter, and a good cheese (maybe a manchengo?)

  2. >I’m assuming the sappy Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks combo your referring to is “You’ve Got Mail”. lol You’re such a dork and I totally thought of you because it was on tv the other day. Love ya sis!

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