It was 12:30 and I called my husband at work on my lunch break with the sob story of my day. He listened patiently, reassured me through my hyper-ventilating that my day was over soon and that he couldn’t wait to see me. An hour later when I called back with a relocation proposal, to Africa preferably, I heard him smile over the phone and say, ” Take a deep breath. Meet me at the train. I made reservations for 6.”

I’m ashamed to admit that I sometimes take my husband for granted. He tells me that he loves me everyday. He calls me and texts me throughout the day to remind me that he’s thinking of me. He cleans up after meals. He does all the laundry, for crying out loud. He provides and cares for me more than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I had thought that these things are just things that husbands are supposed to do. Wrong. My husband isn’t supposed to do these things. He doesn’t have to do these things. He does them because he loves me. He loves me in a way I am only beginning to understand.

I hear all the time from women who feel neglected, taken advantage of or taken for granted by their husbands. I have no idea what they’re talking about. However, it’s a good reminder of how blessed I am. How I need to acknowledge my loving spouse every day and make sure I’m not taking who he is for granted.

I would certainly elaborate, but, I have surprise plans for 6 with the most incredible, dashing man.


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